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June 2020

Founded in 1991 in the United Kingdom by Peter Thomas and Adrian Loader, The Professional Monitor Company (PMC) has gained a sterling reputation for equipping some of the world’s best-known studios with their loudspeakers. Prior to starting PMC, Thomas was employed at the BBC, the famous UK broadcaster, while Loader worked at FWO Bauch, a British audio distributor. In this video, PMC’s Chris Allen first talks about the company’s history in pro audio, and then explains the important differences between active, powered, and passive loudspeakers -- things every person setting up a studio needs to known to attain the best-possible sound.

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Loel Campbell

Wintersleep drummer Loel Campbell talks about setting up drums.

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loel drumming 600w

Producer/engineer/drummer Howard Bilerman describes how he records drums to make them sound real like they do in a room.